Staying Connected to the Organization

Organization-wide activities

Now that you have had some time to adapt to the “new normal” of being a remote employee and are focusing on the day-to-day work, it’s important to remember that most of us will eventually be returning to the office. Keeping your eyes on long term goals are just as essential as the short term successes that happen during the course of a single day. Ensuring that you remain connected to the strategic framework of your Department/Division and the mission of the University will help to ease the transition back to the office.

Affinity Group activities

Join Affinity Group activities.

Learning and Development courses

Attend a course hosted by Learning and Development.

UCOP COVID-19 Pulse Survey Results - June 2020

UCOP COVID-19 Pulse Survey Results - June 2020

Multicultural Week 2020

Enjoy UCOP employee created videos and recipes.