UC Women in Technology Committee

Adopted August 12, 2019
Updated May 6, 2022


The University of California Women in Technology Committee (UC WIT) is a self-chartered, independent entity that promotes a supportive, inclusive environment to advance the professional goals and aspirations of UC women in technology. To fulfill this mission, the committee pursues initiatives at the universitywide level, leveraging and supporting the work of location-based Women in Technology (WIT) committees and partnering with other leadership and systemwide committees.

Key Goals

In support of its mission, the UC WIT engages in the following:

  • Systemwide action. Provides a global, universitywide perspective of WIT issues, serves as a resource for other leadership groups, and works collaboratively across UC locations to build a strong ecosystem of women in technology.
  • Change initiatives. Advances an agenda, including initiatives and events, to promote an inclusive environment and ensure fair and equal access to opportunities for women.
  • Intercampus exchange. Communicates and shares ideas, strategies, resources, and models among the location-based WIT committees, leveraging the contributions of local teams for the benefit of the systemwide community.
  • Awareness and solutions. Raises awareness about and addresses disparities and inappropriate action that occurs to the detriment of women; engages with and recommends solutions to senior leadership.
  • Professional development. Provides opportunities for women to network and receive support for professional advancement.

Membership and Member Responsibilities

  • The UC WIT is composed of volunteers from all UC locations, representing various departments and positions within the technology function.
  • The UC WIT membership is composed of up to four representatives from each location-based committee (four from each campus, four from each health system, and four from each of the other UC locations). If a location does not have a local WIT committee, up to four volunteers from that location may serve on the UC WIT.
  • Each member is responsible for sharing information between the location-based and systemwide committees.
  • Each member agrees to represent their UC location.
  • Each member agrees to attend the monthly meeting, and to let the chair know 24 hours in advance if they cannot make it, and if this becomes a regular occurrence, to consider giving their seat to another person from their location.
  • Each member will engage in committee discussions, assume note-taking duties when it’s their turn, and will, as necessary, participate in any vote put before the committee.
  • If a member is not able to meet these responsibilities, they will consider handing their seat to another person from their location.
  • Each member agrees to maintain a professional and cordial environment in all settings and locations in which UC WIT work and activities are conducted. Each member participates in upholding the committee’s commitment to the principles of diversity, inclusion, integrity, civility, and respect for others and their opinions and ideas.

Governance Structure

The committee is governed through an executive committee, composed of a chair, who formally sets agendas and assigns responsibilities, and a co-chair, who consults with and supports the chair. The chair and co-chair volunteer for the positions, and are approved by a vote of the membership participating in the meeting when the vote takes place. The positions rotate every year, with the co-chair assuming the position of chair in year two.

Meetings of the whole committee are held monthly via Zoom. Committee members submit agenda items to the chair for inclusion in upcoming meetings. Initiatives and actions are determined through discussion and consensus or vote reached by the members participating in a meeting. The committee reviews and, as needed, updates the charter on an annual basis, when the new chair and co-chair assume their roles.

Chair and Co-Chair Responsibilities

  • Chair
    • Prepares and shares the monthly meeting agenda in advance
    • Facilitates the monthly meeting, discussions, and voting process, if applicable that month
  • Co-Chair
    • Onboards new committee members, and coordinates member offboarding.
    • Coordinates note-taking duties across the committee


  • Each member has one vote for each topic.
  • When there is a tie, the chair may cast 2 additional votes and the co-chair may cast 1 additional vote to break the tie.


The committee may elect to form subcommittees to address a specific activity or identified need. Members propose the subcommittee to the full committee, which then votes on whether to form the subcommittee. Members vote to elect a subcommittee chair, and may volunteer to participate on the subcommittee. The subcommittee

  • Sets its own meeting schedule, based on the assignment and member availability
  • Prepares proposals to bring to the full committee for review and a vote
  • Executes approved activities

Communication Plan

The membership communicates via

  • Listserv: ucwitsystemwide-l@ucop.edu. This listserv is restricted to UC WIT members only.
  • Box: UC Women in IT folder. This folder is used for meeting notes and other shared documentation of the UC WIT committee.
  • Slack: #ucwit_committee. This channel is for UC WIT Committee members only. Another channel, #women_in_tech, is open to anyone at UC.
  • UC IT Blog: Membership takes advantage of the systemwide UC IT Blog (cio.ucop.edu) to promote initiatives and events.