Jody Stiger

Jody Stiger joined UC Office of the President in July 2022 as the Systemwide Director of Community Safety.

Mr. Stiger has most recently served as the aide to the Inspector General of the Los Angeles Police Commission, where his duties included revising the department’s system for investigating use of force, workplace and community complaints and increasing oversight. Jody has worked with POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) in revising their Basic Academy Workbook to incorporate procedural justice into statewide training for officers in California and advised the University on trainings. Mr. Stiger has testified as an expert witness in numerous cases involving police use of force, including testifying to when use of force has been excessive. He has provided an unbiased expert opinion in numerous high-profile use of force cases. 

Mr. Stiger is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and had a 29-year career with the Los Angeles Police Department. Jody served as a patrol officer for over 7 years and worked numerous assignments. He later became an instructor in the academy, training over 3,000 officers in de-escalation techniques and best practices in patrol work. Jody later served as a supervisor for 8 years, where he partnered extensively with business and community leaders and conducted reviews and oversight of all use of force incidents. As someone who embraces diversity, equity and inclusion, Jody was the president of the Oscar Joel Bryant Foundation, representing African American employees within the Los Angeles Police Department and helped develop a collaborative relationship with other affinity groups throughout the city of Los Angeles.