Mission, vision and values


Through leadership, we catalyze and strengthen the University of California system to deliver world-class education, research, public service, and health care to Californians, the nation, and the world.


UCOP will sustain and strengthen the University of California’s position as the pre-eminent university system in the world.


These core values are the principles that guide our actions to deliver the University of California’s mission of teaching, research, and public service.


We are responsive to the public and our stakeholders' needs, follow through on our commitments, and take ownership for our decisions and actions.


We believe collective insight and action produces greater results than that of any individual or organization.  We facilitate the exchange of information, expertise, and skills to optimize resources and generate the highest quality outcomes.  We foster teamwork and, where appropriate, systemness.


We value the diverse perspective and identities of our workforce and are intentional in developing a culture of inclusion and belonging for all. We strive towards becoming an anti-racist organization that dismantles systemic discrimination. We center the needs and experiences of our workforce most impacted by historical injustices in our practice and policy, so all have the opportunity to thrive.


We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, quality, and expertise. We lead our respective disciplines and foster a system that delivers superior outcomes.


By establishing an environment which supports creative and diverse thinking, we consistently evaluate perspectives, re-define problems, and seek opportunities to identify, test, and implement new solutions that produce desired outcomes. We accept risk taking as an opportunity to learn.


We set high ethical standards and lead by example. We build a culture of trust with our words and actions. We treat all people with respect, professionalism, and fairness.


Through our public service and commitment to the mission, we advance positive change in California, the nation, and beyond.