Elements of a course outline

So what does an approval-ready course outline look like? Take a look at some of the courses below. They're based on transferable courses on the TCAs of community colleges all over California. IMPORTANT: If you are submitting course outlines for the first time - or if you need a refresher, don't forget to read our Outline guidelines.

Sample course outline: Biology

Course name: BIOL 10A

Course title: Cellular Biology, Genetics & Evolution

Units: 5

Course Description: Investigates the principles governing cell biology, metabolism, genetics,evolution and history of life on earth. The first course in a 3-course sequence for Biology majors (Biol 10ABC). For majors in biological sciences but open to all qualified students. Total of 54 hours lecture and 108 hours laboratory. Read more ...

Sample course outline: English

Course name: ENGL 279

Units: 3

Course title: Science Fiction and Dystopic Literature

Course Description: This course is designed to increase students’ knowledge of the literary genre known as Science Fiction. Emphasis will be on the study of literature--novels and short fiction--that depicts our future world, visionary scientific endeavor, and conflicts between humans, aliens, and sentient technology. Read more ...

Sample course outline: History

Course name: HIST 4

Course title:  History of Western Civilization

Units: 3

Course Description: This course is a survey of western civilization from the Renaissance to the present, emphasizing the interplay of social, political, economic, cultural, and intellectual forces in creating and shaping the modern world. The focus is on the process of modernization, stressing the secularization of western society and examining how war and revolution have served to create our world. Read more ...

Sample course outline: Music

Course name: MUS 27R

Course title: The History of Rock and Popular Music

Units: 3

Course Description: 

The History of Rock and Popular Music is a survey of the origin, major trends, musical forms, styles and genres of rock and popular music from 1945 to the present day. The course will focus on historical and cultural influences that shaped the music as well as the impact of electronic technology. Read more ...

Sample course outline: Sociology

Course name: SOC 101

Course title: Introduction to Sociology

Units: 3

Course Description: 

This course is an introduction to sociology as a way of understanding the world. Sociology is a field of study that explains social, political, and economic phenomena in terms of social structures, social forces, and group relations. Read more ...