Sustainability Awards and Rankings

In FY 2018-19,  UC campuses were ranked as leaders in sustainability by a wide range of organizations and publications.

Download the full list of 2018-19 UC campus rankings, ratings, and awards (pdf).

Highlights from 2018–19:

  • UC Berkeley won the 2019 UC Cool Campus Challenge and was ranked the "Coolest Campus".
  • UC Irvine received a STARS (Sustainability Tracking and Assessment Rating System) Platinum Rating in March 2018, the 4th campus in the world to receive a Platinum rating. 
  • UC Merced ranked first for Buildings for the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education's Sustainable Campus Index. 
  • UC Davis was recognized as the third greenest university in the world in the 2018 University of Indonesia GreenMetric Rankings.
  • UCOP, UC Santa Barbara, and UC San Diego received the 2018 Go Beyond Award from I2SL (International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories) for beginning to implement procedures to purchase environmentally preferable laboratory products. 
  • UCLA received the 2018 Visionary Award from the U.S. Green Building Council for its two training facilities, Wasserman Football Center and Mo Ostin Basketball Center, which both earned LEED Platinum certification. 
  • UC Merced’s 5.1-megawatt solar power system received the Energy Supply award at the 2019 California Higher Education Sustainability Conference.