UC Slip-Resistant Footwear Program

The Office of the President, Office of Risk Services (OPRS) provides oversight and funding for the University of California (UC) Slip-Resistant Footwear (SRF) Program.  The goal of the UC SRF Program is to reduce the frequency and severity of slip-and-fall incidents throughout the UC system by providing high-quality, slip-resistant footwear to employees whose job duties routinely expose them to significant slip-and-fall hazards (e.g., dining/nutrition services, custodial/environmental services, patient care, and animal care employees). 

For complete program information, view the UC Slip-Resistant Footwear Program Document 

Access the Slip-Resistant tool by selecting the logo below 


 Use the online tool to:

  • Submit an Enrollment Form
  • Check the status of a pending Enrollment Form
  • Make updates to an active account (including contacts, authorized purchasers, and eligible employees)   
  • Purchase footwear
  • Track the status of footwear orders
  • Access footwear invoices
  • Check reorder dates for eligible employees

View additional Slip-Resistant tutorial videos


Approved footwear styles:

SR Max Shoes for Crews






Work Boots srm_q32017_workboots_poster_page_1.jpg shoes-for-crews-poster-workboot-q4-2018_page_1.jpg
Waterproof boots  srmax-waterproof-boots-poster-aug-2018.jpg shoes-for-crews-poster-waterproofboot-q4-2018.jpg

Note: The work boots are intended for specific work environments and departmental approval is required to order them.

Want updates on the program? Contact the Risk and Safety Solutions Service Desk to join our distribution list and stay up-to-date!