Registering UC Travel

For assistance with all travel or travel insurance related questions, please contact your local Campus Risk Manager.

Automatic trip insurance enrollment

Business related travel arrangements made by UC employees can be booked through one of the two preferred Connexxus Travel suppliers, BCD Travel or UC Travel Center. The travel reservation will automatically be registered for traveler insurance coverage. Within minutes of completing the reservation the traveler will be emailed information to use in an emergency while traveling on UC business both domestically and abroad.

  • Register your trip with UC Away - If travel reservations are made by an agency outside the Connexxus Travel program or for Southwest Air for Connexxus (Southwest) then trip registration is required for University related trips out of state and to foreign countries. (See the "UC Away tutorial" link on this page for a video tutorial in using the UC Away travel registration system.)
  • UC Away tutorial - This video tutorial demonstrates how to register travel using UC Away.