UC International Travel Risk Management Assistance

Phillip Van Saun, Director of Risk, Security & Resilience, offers pre-travel security risk planning, in-country security risk assessments, and contingency planning assistance for those traveling to high-risk destinations. As soon as you know you will be traveling to a high-risk area, contact Phillip Van Saun at Phillip.Vansaun@ucop.edu for more information or to arrange any of the above-mentioned services.

Not sure whether your destination is high risk? Start by researching the location in the UC Trip Planner tool. All UC employees and students have access to the web tool using your campus NetID and password. If still in doubt, contact your campus Travel Risk Manager.

UC Travel Registration

Travel registration is an important risk management tool. If an emergency occurs in your travel destination, this is how your campus Risk Management office will know you are there. Travel registration also enrolls you to receive travel alerts from UC’s security provider, Crisis24.

  • Travel arrangements made through the UC travel program, also known as ConnexUC, Connexxus and Concur, are automatically registered to receive travel alerts through Crisis24’s Worldcue system, except for SWABIZ bookings.
  • For SWABIZ bookings -or- for reservations made outside ConnexUC, you must register your trip in UC’s travel registration system, UC Away.
  • Travel registration does not guarantee that your trip is eligible for travel insurance coverage.
    • UC employees must be on approved university business during which they will be compensated by the university.
    • UC students must be participating in a UC sponsored and supervised off-campus activity that meets the policy definition of a ‘covered activity.’
    • If in doubt, consult with your campus Travel Risk Manager.

UC Travel Insurance Information

  • Coverage for domestic (US) travel is limited to medical evacuation and eligible medical expenses when you have an accident during or while traveling to/from a covered activity* (conditions apply). US health insurance is the primary source of insurance for such accidents.
    • NOTE - There is coverage for certain students who are injured while participating in certain on-campus activities. Contact your campus Travel Risk Manager for more information.
  • Coverage for international travel is more extensive and may include medically necessary care for accidents and illnesses, mental health counseling, medical and security evacuation, trip delay/cancellation/interruption (conditions apply), and personal property coverage*.
  • If an assignment abroad will last a year or more, contact your US health insurance administrator to see if the policy has a global component. For example, Anthem Blue Cross PPO has the Global Core Program. All treatment received internationally will be considered ‘out of network’ and pre-approvals are required for most non-emergency treatments.
  • Travel insurance coverage, including security evacuations, may be limited in countries with comprehensive OFAC sanctions due to restrictions on doing business in those countries. Even if you get a license to travel there, you will likely have to cover any medical or security costs out of pocket.
  • Travel insurance questions? Review the documents under the Resources sections of this web page and contact your international program leader or campus risk manager if necessary. For technical support/issues regarding the website send an email to erm@ucop.edu.
  • UC Trip Planner- Getting ready to plan a trip? Not sure how to reduce risks and where to find suggestions from experts? Go to UC Trip Planner for resources, travel tips and things to consider before you travel. All UC affiliates with a UC campus NetID and password can access the UC Trip Planner tool by logging in through Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • UC Personal Travel Program- Now UC affiliates including alumni, retirees, students, employees, and their family members can purchase UC travel insurance benefits for personal travel through the UC Global Travelers Insurance Program!
  • Do you need an Insurance Certificate for the purposes of securing a travel visa, demonstrating COVID coverage, or any other purpose? See Instructions for Requesting an Insurance Certificate.

*These are the most commonly used benefits. There are additional benefits that are described in the Benefits Summaries for Employees and Students found in the Resources sections of this web page.