UC Travel Insurance

The university has arranged for employees and students traveling on official university business to be covered for a wide variety of accidents and incidents while away from the campus or primary workplace.
  • Regents, faculty, staff, or any person designated by UC while traveling at the direction and approval of UC. Coverage can also be provided to a spouse/domestic partner, dependent(s), and traveling companions when traveling with them; their travel should be registered.
  • Students may also be covered while participating in UC sponsored and supervised off-campus activities both domestically and abroad. Registration is required for activities taking place out of state and in foreign countries. Registration does not guarantee eligibility for coverage. The activity must be a UC sponsored and supervised off-campus activity that meets the policy definition of a ‘covered activity.’ If in doubt, consult with your local campus risk manager

Coverage includes medically necessary care and evacuation, loss of personal property (UC employees only), extraction for political and weather related reasons, and more.

General Travel Insurance Information

  • Enrolling for Travel Alerts – Travel arrangements made through UC travel program are automatically enrolled for travel alerts through Crisis24’s Worldcue system, except for SWABIZ bookings; for SWABIZ or reservations made outside the travel program (Connexxus), you must register your trip in UCAWAY to sign up for travel alerts.
  • Travel insurance coverage questions- For assistance with all travel or travel insurance related questions, please contact your local campus risk manager. For technical support/issues regarding the website call (530) 618-5580 or send an email to erm@ucop.edu
  • UC Trip Planner- Getting ready to plan a trip? Not sure how to reduce risks and where to find suggestions from experts? Go to UC Trip Planner for resources, travel tips and things to consider before you travel. 
  • UC Personal Travel Program- Now you can purchase UC Business Travel Program benefits for your own personal travel through the UC Personal Travel Program! 
  • Proof of Insurance to Acquire a Visa- For proof of insurance to acquire a visa for UC-related travel, please send the following information to manager@ucop.edu:
    • First and last name
    • Date of birth
    • Dates of travel
    • Travel destination (country or countries to be visited)
    • Additional Information as requested by travel destination’s embassy

Please allow 3-5 business days for your insurance certificate request to be processed. You will receive it as a PDF document attached to an email.