Partnership with Crisis24

Crisis24 has over 30 years of experience enabling organizations like the University of California to operate globally with confidence. Crisis24 provides intelligence-driven risk management solutions, integrated world-class threat intelligence, innovative technology, and tailored response services to help organizations mitigate risks to their people, operations, and reputation.

Benefits to all UC students and employees:

  • Access to the Worldcue Planner® travel intelligence portal that allows you to research any location and obtain global travel trips
  • Confidence knowing that UC is partnered with a world-class security provider who has proven success in large- and small-scale security evacuations

Benefits to UC students and employees traveling internationally on UC-affiliated travel:

  • Real-time travel and security alerts during registered travel1
  • Access to the Worldcue Traveler® portal via a personal profile where alert notifications can be customized
  • Use of the Worldcue Mobile app which provides location-based security notifications2 and a ‘Hotline’ button to quickly connect with Chubb-AXA Global Travel Assistance

Benefits to UC campus and global risk managers:

  • All the tools and resources indicated above to mitigate travelers’ risks while away from campus
  • Administrative access to the Worldcue Companion® portal, where users can search for and communicate with registered travelers
  • Delivery of Daily Intelligence Brief to email inbox, and access to specialized intelligence for specific travel risks, including airline monitor, health intelligence, LGBTIQ+ traveler risk, and specific ‘Threat Zone’ security analysis.
  • Access3 to customized threat intelligence, risk assessment, and pre-travel risk briefings for groups of travelers.

For more information about access to Worldcue® resources and tools, contact your UC Campus Risk Manager.

  1. UC registered travel is travel that has been purchased through the UC Travel Center, also known as Connexxus or ConnexUC, travel that has been registered in the UC AWAY travel registration system, and participation in UCEAP or other UC-sponsored study abroad programs (confirm with your study abroad advisor if your travel is automatically registered).  

  2. Location-based security alerts require that the traveler give the Worldcue®  Mobile app access to their cell phone’s Location Services and that they opt-in for location-based alerts either while using the app or all the time.

  3. UC has a limited number of customized intelligence reports and travel briefings that can be prepared and presented by Crisis24 each year. Discuss needs with your UC campus risk manager, who will follow appropriate protocols to request reports and briefings through the UC Director of Security, Risk & Resilience.