Personal Travel Insurance

Love the benefits offered through UC Travel Insurance for Employees and Students? Now you can purchase them for your own personal international travel through the UC Personal Travel Insurance Program*!

The UC Personal Travel Program* offers three travel plan options designed to integrate insurance benefits with valuable travel assistance services to help provide the extra protection you need while traveling far from home. Find out more about the options and enroll in UC Personal Travel Insurance here:

  • UC Personal Travel Insurance Plan Options (pdf)*

    Whether traveling for business, pleasure, or educational purposes, many travelers could benefit from the peace of mind that comes with purchasing travel insurance to help provide the security they need. This travel accident protection program responds to medical emergencies for travelers outside of their home country or country of permanent residence by providing accident and sickness benefits and valuable travel assistance services. See the UC Personal Travel Plan Options (pdf)*.

  • UC Personal Travel Insurance Enrollment

    Coverage is only effective while traveling outside of the country from which you hold a passport. Sometimes travel outside of your home country can involve increased risks, especially if you need to travel to areas of political unrest and conflict. ACE USA Accident and Health offers an integrated travel insurance and service plan that helps to provide the extra protection needed while traveling in high-risk territories. Click the link to enroll and purchase your personal travel insurance.

  • Register your personal international trip for real time alerts

    Register your specific itinerary to receive customized intelligence reports covering entry/exit, security, health, transportation, culture, language, environment, financial, communication and legal concerns for over 230 countries and more than 580 cities. You will receive real-time alerts before, during, and after your trip about changing conditions that might affect your itinerary or long-term stay. This constant support allows travelers to stay safe and to circumvent potential difficulties with minimal disruption. Register your personal trip.

*The UC Personal Travel Insurance Program is being offered as an option for employees, students, retirees, alumni and their traveling companions to purchase for their own for personal travel. This program is not affiliated with any University-provided employee benefit and the University makes no recommendation concerning it. As with any commercial travel insurance you purchase, the traveler is responsible for paying the premium, arranging for any travel assistance services, and resolving any claim or coverage issues directly with the insurance carrier.