5-500 Cost Sharing Records and Reports

General University requirements for preparing cost sharing records and reports are found in Accounting Manual Chapter A-000-7, “Official Documentation Required in Support of University Financial Transactions,” Section II. J., “Cost Participation on Sponsored Projects.”

5-510 Cost Sharing on a Project-by-project Basis

When cost sharing contributions must be documented on a project-by-project basis, the Principal Investigator’s department is responsible for maintaining documentation to substantiate these costs. Each campus must also have a centralized tracking system to capture committed cost sharing amounts, including those stated in effort reports. Campus Accounting Offices may also require copies of cost sharing documentation for audit examination. Federal auditors may require Principal Investigators to provide supplementary information and records, as practicable, to substantiate the cost sharing contributions certified with the award close-out.

5-511 Cost Sharing Documentation on Subawards and Subcontracts

All institutions receiving subawards or subcontracts from the University must provide information on their cost sharing contributions, if any, to the University. As a prime award institution, the University may not be required to obtain documentation to substantiate all the cost sharing stated by the subaward institution, but must have a signed document from the subaward institution stating the amount of the cost sharing provided. The subaward institution is responsible for maintaining the documentation of such costs should auditors require it.

5-520 Cost Sharing Data and Facilities and Administrative Rate Proposals

Detailed information documenting the fulfillment of committed cost sharing, including information on project and institutional cost sharing, must be incorporated into the campus’ facilities and administrative (F&A) rate proposal. The information must be incorporated to ensure that it is included in the appropriate direct cost base in computing the F&A rates.