5-100 Introduction

"Cost sharing", also called "matching," refers to the resources contributed or allocated by the University (including non-University resources allocated by the University) to a sponsored project over and above the support provided by the extramural sponsor of that project. It is the policy of the University that all work conducted under extramural funds shall pay "all expenses, both direct and indirect" (Academic Personnel Manual APM-020). However, the University may share the cost of such projects with external sponsors in accordance with its principal mission of supporting the search for and dissemination of knowledge when such cost sharing is required by the sponsor as described below in this Chapter.

5-110 Contracts and Grants Officers' General Responsibility

The general responsibility of Campus Contracts and Grants Officers with regards to cost sharing is to ensure that kinds and levels of cost sharing shown in proposals and awards are:

  1. Approved by the stated campus source of the cost sharing (i.e., the Department Chair or Dean); and
  2. Consistent with University and sponsor policies and available from appropriate sources.