Chapter 15-400: Reporting Requirements

Systems that enable the University to comply with most sponsor equipment reporting requirements are outlined below in Sections 15-410 through 15-430, below. When special reports covering equipment are required by the sponsoring agency, the Principal Investigator or head of the custodial department is responsible for furnishing whatever descriptive and operating technical data may be necessary to enable the campus Equipment Management Department and other departments involved to meet the reporting requirements. (See BUS-29, Section III.)

15-410 Corporate Contract and Grant (Cgx) System

Campuses, the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) are responsible for reporting in the Corporate Contract and Grant (CGX) system all extramural awards that primarily support the acquisition of University-owned equipment. The Project Type for such awards is "Equipment." (See Chapter 10, Section 10-420.)

15-420 Inventory Reporting

Pursuant to fiscal closing schedules established by the Corporate Accounting Office, campuses are responsible for producing various reports for local and Office of the President use. Data specifications and requirements are outlined in the Corporate Equipment Facilities System Data Requirements.

15-430 Condition Reporting

Custodial departments are required by BUS-29 Section III. H. to maintain equipment in the condition received or better, normal wear excepted, in order that the longest useful life is secured. Equipment records are to be kept that show equipment condition according to the condition codes outlined in BUS-29 Section III. H. 3. The department having custody of the equipment must indicate condition on the Annual Register of Inventorial Equipment when the listing is returned to the campus Equipment Management Department.