Proof of Concept Program: 2013 Awards

The request for proposals garnered 96 eligible applications, and many more excellent proposals than could be awarded. Proposed projects were required to be within 12 months of commercialization, and have the intellectual property owned by UC, unencumbered, and available for licensing. The proposals underwent a rigorous two-tiered evaluation by scientific peers and private investors, resulting in the selection of 20 outstanding projects (21%), representing seven UC campuses and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Selected projects were identified as highly innovative, commercially exciting, and likely to benefit California and Californians. The projects span a variety of fields including medicine and medical devices, biotechnology, agriculture and the environment, communications, and electronics. The total UC investment in these projects is $2.75 million.

2013 Selected Projects by Principal Investigator and Title

Lead InvestigatorCampusProposed Title
Balandin, Alexander UCR Graphene-Based Thermal Interface Materials and Heat Spreaders
Catton, Ivan UCLA A Novel Thermal Connector
Chan, Jonah UCSF A Binary Indicant of Myelination using Micropillar Arrays (BIMA)
Feldstein, Ariel UCSD Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets for Liver Damage
Gadgil, Ashok UCB Low-Cost Arsenic Remediation for California Groundwater
Ganesan, Anand UCI ALDH Inhibitors as Novel Skin Depigmenting Agents
Giudice, Linda UCSF Diagnosing Endometriosis by Endometrial Biopsy
Kaner, Richard UCLA Next Generation Cutting Tools: Superhard Refractory Borides
Lotz, Jeffrey UCSF Assessment of Musculoskeletal Function Using the Microsoft Kinect
Marcu, Laura UCD Optical Device for intra-operative delineation of tumor margins
Miller, Steve UCSF Deep Sequencing Clinical Analysis Tool for Infectious Disease
Modera, Mark UCD Commercialization of a Tracer Gas Airflow Measurement System
Pan, Tingrui UCD Second Skin: Droplet-Enabled Interfacial Capacitive Sensing
Roy, Shuvo UCSF Silicon Dialyzer Prototype
Soler, Xavier UCSD Oxygen Conserver Device for COPD Therapy
Sretavan, David UCSF High-Throughput Neural Circuit Arrays For CNS Drug Discovery
Theunissen, Frederic UCB Noise Reduction for Hearing Aids
Wang, Yijun UCSD A wireless brain-machine interface for motor rehabilitation
Yashchuk, Valeriy LBNL Test System for Calibration of High-Performance Microscopes
Younis, Bassam UCD Water disinfection with UV light: inventing the wheel