Proof of Concept Program: 2011 Awards

The request for proposals garnered 126 eligible applications, and many more excellent proposals than could be awarded. Proposed projects were required to be within 12 months of commercialization, and have the intellectual property owned by UC, unencumbered, and available for licensing. The proposals underwent a rigorous two-tiered evaluation by scientific peers and private investors, resulting in the selection of 13 outstanding projects (10%), representing seven UC campuses and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Selected projects were identified as highly innovative, commercially exciting, and likely to benefit California and Californians. The projects span a variety of fields including medicine and medical devices, biotechnology, agriculture and the environment, communications, and electronics. The total UC investment in these projects is $2.7 million.

2011 Selected Projects by Principal Investigator and Title

Lead InvestigatorCampusProposed Title
Alic, Nikola UCSD Severely Bandwidth Constrained Efficient Communication
Belafsky, Peter UCD Swallow Expansion Device: Phase I Clinical Trial
Binder, Devin UCR Early Optical Detection of Cerebral Edema
Budker, Dmitry UCB Next Generation of Ultra-precise Magnetic Sensors
Chui, Chi On UCLA In Vitro Diagnostic Sensors for Cardiovascular Disease
Cohen, Yoram UCLA Continuous Process for High Recovery Inland Desalination
Evans, James UCB Completely Printable Batteries for Energy Storage
He, Lei UCLA Soft error mitigation for FPGA based systems
Kohn, Walter UCSB Macular Degeneration Diagnosis and Correction Devices
Liu, Gao LBNL Conductive Polymer Binder and Silicon Composite Electrode
Piomelli, Daniele UCI A novel treatment for chronic pain
Stott, Jeffrey UCD Epizootic bovine abortion experimental vaccine
Tromberg, Bruce UCI A Handheld Tomographic Laser Breast Scanner (t-LBS)