UCOP Supervisor Certification Program


Each cohort will enroll 12-15 participants, who may either be nominated by their manager or self-nominate. Please note that manager support of the participant’s enrollment is critical for success because of the time requirements and the benefits of ongoing support in applying new skills learned.

The program has been designed for staff who already have some supervisory experience, (Generally these would be classified as Supervisor 1, Supervisor 2, Supervisor 3 or Manager 1) All participants must supervise at least one employee, be familiar with the UCOP e-appraisal system and be able to complete all components of the course as described below.


The program has two primary components:

  • Eight e-courses taken through the UC Learning Center will allow the participants to familiarize themselves with the principles of people management and work through self-guided exploratory activities. They will also provide continued support after the program, allowing participants to revisit topics they want to review.
  • Five facilitated cohort meetings will enhance the methodology introduced in the e-courses through discussions, group activities and skills practice in a supportive peer-to-peer environment.

Upon completion of the entire course, participants will receive a certificate acknowledging their accomplishment and be included in a recognition celebration. Past participants will also be invited to attend in order to facilitate a network of support among all attendees.


Currently no session dates have been confirmed for 2019.


The program cohort meetings will be held in the Franklin building. There are five session, each about 3 hours. Participation in all sessions is required.

In-between meetings, participants will need to complete eight assigned e-courses, which should take approximately one hour each, for a total of eight hours.

Nomination process

Potential participants may either be nominated or self-nominate. Supervisor support is critical for success because of the time requirements and the benefits of ongoing support in applying new skills.

Participant selection process

Nominees are selected on the following criteria:

  • Commitment to participate in all sessions
  • Currently supervise at least one person
  • Commitment to developing new skills
  • Demonstrated capability and commitment to grow

Additional information

  •  More information will be posted in LINK when available