UCOP Staff Development Program

The program is directed at high potential non-supervisory staff who are committed to expanding their knowledge into functional areas of UCOP, and continue to develop additional skills in a small cohort environment.

Currently no sessions have been confirmed for 2019.


The program is open to 10 qualified individuals, who will be selected through an application process. The time commitment will be approximately 816 hours per month,


The program has two primary components:

  • The first consists of a series of instructor-led workshops, aimed at building certain skills and competencies. Curriculums have been developed within UCOP HR Learning and Development standards and are tailored to the non-supervisory high potential employees at UCOP.
  • The second component is the completion of a team project, always a “real UCOP problem to be solved.” The project culminates in a report out to the project’s sponsoring senior leader. Examples of past projects include: revision of campus direct billing process, guidelines for a UCOP student internship program and the green department certification program.

Nomination Process

Potential participants may either be nominated or self-nominate.  Supervisor support is critical for success because of the time requirements and the benefits of ongoing support in applying new skills.

Participant selection process

Nominees are selected on the following criteria:

  • Successfully completed at least one year at UCOP
  • Commitment to developing new skills
  • Commitment to expanding knowledge into new areas at UCOP
  • Demonstrated capability and commitment to grow
  • Commitment to participate in all sessions

Dates to Remember

  • The application will be available when next cohort announced
  • Further details will be available via Link.

Additional information

  • Application will be available when next cohort announced