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Based on extensive feedback from stakeholders, the 2020 appraisal form has been modified according to the following criteria: 

  1. Does it shorten the process?
  2. Does it reduce repetition?
  3. Is it easy to learn/ follow? 

Below is a summary of changes to the 2020 form. 

Changes in 2020 from last year's appraisal form
  Same Different
  • Rate and comment on each goal.
  • No longer required: Overall Goal Rating and Overall Goal Comments
  • Rate each competency.
  • No longer required: Comments on each Competency and Overall Competency Rating
  • Added: Comment box at end of this section where any rating besides “Successfully Meets Expectations” must be supported by narrative comments.
Multirater Form
  • Manager or Employee can select participants.
  • Multirater is optional.
  • Shortened to 3 questions: (1) What did the employee do well? (2) What are opportunities for improvement? (3) Anything you want to highlight?

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