Performance Appraisal Process

The UCOP Staff Talent Evaluation Process (STEP) is an iterative process that provides employees and manager the opportunity to check in every quarter and have meaningful and productive conversation to ensure that the employee is successful in their role.  

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STEP: Staff Talent Evaluation Process Timeline

STEP Timeline

FY2022/2023 DUE DATES
Define Criteria May 31, 2022
Check-In 1
Aug 31, 2022
Check-On 2 Dec 2, 2022
Finalize Criteria March 31, 2023
Manager review April 14, 2023

Performance Appraisal Process

Dates, resources and forms to help employees and supervisors work through the performance appraisal process.

Performance Appraisal Learning Resources

Employees and managers can benefit from utilizing the online resources and classroom training on the new the Staff Talent Evaluation Process (STEP).