Leadership and Career Development Cohort Opportunities

Series and Cohorts for All Roles and Levels at UCOP

UC Systemwide People Management Series and Certificate(PMC): This online series supports current and aspiring people managers. It is designed to increase our people management capabilities across the entire UC system.

Target audience Cost and Application Process
  • Self-paced e-learning program that includes 16 core sessions and four electives
  • Electives include live and on-demand courses
  • Includes the UC Managing Implicit Bias Series
  • Those who complete this series receive the People Management certificate
  • Open to any UC employee
  • Geared for pre-managers to senior leaders
  • Ideal for current or aspiring people managers who would like to learn essential skills for more effective leadership
  • A great opportunity for individual contributors who anticipate moving into a people-manager role and want to acquire critical skills in advance
UCOP People Management Integrated Learning Program (PM-ILP): PM-ILP complements the People Management Series and Certificate. Participants meet monthly as a cohort to extend the learning of the e-courses.

Target audience Cost and Application Process
  • Seven-month cohort program aligned with  the 16 e-courses in the People Management Series (see above)
    • Virtual track available only for for fully remote or UCPath, Sacramento or UCDC employees: Jan-Jul 2024
    • In person track for Oakland hybrid/in-person employees: Mar-Oct 2024
  • Employees who complete this program will receive credit for the 4 required electives needed for the People Management Series and Certificate.
  • In addition to the criteria outlined above, this experience is geared towards people who value a cohort experience and learning with others

  • Program is Free
  • Materials Fee ($25): Strengths Finder Assessment
  • Application process for the 2024 cohort begins in November 2023
UC Managing Implicit Bias Series: This systemwide series is designed to increase awareness of implicit bias and reduce its impact at the university.

Target audience Cost and Application Process
  • Six-course online training series focused on becoming aware of bias and mitigating implicit bias in the workplace, including in the recruitment and hiring process
  • Part of the People Management Series
  • Open to any UC employee; required for all people managers
  • A great opportunity for staff to understand what implicit bias is and how understanding it can make them more effective leaders and teammates
UC Women’s Initiative for Professional Development (UC WI): This systemwide program supports mid-career women-identified faculty and staff who demonstrate the potential to advance their careers at UC.

Target audience Cost and Application Process
  • Cohort with four full-day sessions held over 3 – 4 months
  • Experiential learning in large groups, small groups and dyads
  • Focused on professional development issues for women-identified professionals at UC
  • Assignments between sessions
  • Open to all women- identified employees at UC
  • All employees who support the advancement of women-identified professionals at UC are welcome to attend
  • Mid-career women-identified faculty, staff and academic personnel who are interested in career growth and development
  • Nomination process complete for 2023-24; Next cohort open for nomination in March, 2024
  • OP places 12 participants — six each in the north and south
  •  $ 1,925 (Paid for by the participant’s department.)
UCOP Mentorship Program: This nine-month program partners UCOP staff with an experienced mentor to help expand their networks, enhance their professional development, explore potential career possibilities get targeted coaching and guidance.

Target audience Cost and Application Process
  • Lasts one year
  • Mentors and mentees meet monthly to work towards collaboratively created goals
  • Monthly mentee cohort meetings
  • All UCOP employees interesting in growing their skills in a one-on-one setting with an experienced leader
  • Free
  • 2024 Application process begins October 2023

Series and Cohorts for Manager and Supervisors at UCOP

Manager Essentials at UCOP (ME@UCOP): This new cohort program supports new managers who are interested in learning essential UCOP processes, policies, competencies and leadership philosophies while building community and connection with their peers.

Target audience Cost and Application Process
  • Four consecutive weekly sessions with 1 full day, 9am-4pm, and 3 half day sessions, 8:30am-12pm.
  • Blended learning approach: Participants will watch e-courses prior to sessions to allow facilitators to focus on interactive training, discussion and questions
  • Newly hired or promoted UCOP people managers
  • Recommended or requesting to take the program
People Leader Forum is a monthly opportunity for people managers to connect with one another to develop leadership skills, build community, and share best practices.

Target audience Cost and Application Process
  • Rotating topics every third Friday of each month from 1-2 p.m. (PT).
  • Designed for people managers to share best practices, swap strategies for navigating current challenges and learn to better support themselves and their teams.
  • This course is open to Managers/Supervisors only.
Management Skills Assessment Program :This program is designed to strengthen the engagement and preparation of high- potential early-career UC supervisors and managers. It offers an intensive, off-site, assessment center.

Target audience Cost and Application Process
  • Four days at Lake Arrowhead that include in-depth analysis, one-on-one coaching, peer feedback and action-planning based on five self-assessments
  •  Requires pre-session work, including a 360 survey and presentation preparation
  • UC employees with 1-5 years’ experience supervising or managing people
  • Highly reflective learners with self-initiative
  •  Learning based on reflection and coaching of assessment results
  • Program on hiatus and is not accepting applications.
  • Cost: $1595, not including travel (paid by the participant’s department)

Cohorts for Senior Leaders at UCOP

UC-Coro Systemwide Leadership Collaborative program supports senior staff and faculty/academic personnel administrators in developing leadership skills and awareness, focusing on inter-UC location and cross-functional involvement. 


Target audience Cost and Application Process
  • 12 full-day interactive class sessions held at various UC locations, including campus field exploration sessions
  • Requires about 100 hours of seminar and intersession assignments
  • Group projects between sessions are an additional 40 hours
  • Director level and above
  • Served in current position for at least one year
  • Desire to make a contribution to UC
  • Ability to commit to attending all sessions and completing rigorous coursework and group project

  • $5,000 per participant, not including travel (paid for by participant’s department)
  • Nomination process open end of April- beg of May
  • The number of openings for UCOP leaders changes yearly