Breastfeeding and lactation support

Returning to work after a having new baby can be difficult, especially for women who choose to breastfeed. UCOP provides the worksite assistance you need for you and your baby to remain happy and healthy.

The UCOP Lactation Program includes a lactation room at your work location and, in partnership with the Berkeley campus Breastfeeding Support Program, breastfeeding classes with a lactation consultant on the Berkeley campus.

Breastfeeding classes

Breastfeeding classes, offered four times per year, are available to UCOP employees free of charge at UC Berkeley. Participants in the breastfeeding class learn:

  • Breastfeeding basics
  • Common minor problems and how to manage them
  • Return-to-work or school issues, including expression and storage of breast milk
  • Demonstration of personal electric pumps and manual pumps
The program coordinator can provide the schedule of upcoming classes. For contact information and additional resources, visit UC Berkeley’s Breastfeeding Support program website.

Lactation rooms

Rooms in the Franklin, Kaiser, Broadway, and 20th Street locations have been designated as lactation rooms for Office of the President employees. Rooms at other UCOP locations will be established as the need arises. The rooms are for the use of lactating women and are designed for use on a drop-in basis.

All rooms are equipped with a table and a comfortable chair; some rooms are equipped with a mini-fridge, a sink and a bulletin board. Please feel free to use the bulletin board to share information of interest to other lactating women, and to post baby pictures.

All of the rooms below require either a key or a code. Please contact the Work Management Center, 1111 Franklin Street, Room 7206C, (510) 987-0600, to gain access to the UCOP lactation rooms.

  • 11th floor, Room 11113, near the elevators in the Franklin building
  • Room 633 in the Kaiser building
  • Room 319 in the 20th Street building
  • Room 1443 in the Broadway building 

Breast pumps

UCOP has Medela hospital-grade pumps for UCOP staff members to use while they pump at work. Employees are responsible for purchasing their own attachment kit.