Alternate work schedules

Alternate work schedules allow employees the flexibility to schedule their work hours so that they can better meet family responsibilities and/or attend to personal needs.

Based on the operational needs of the employee's department, employees at UCOP may be permitted by their departments to work on an alternate work schedule.

For details, see the applicable personnel policy or collective bargaining agreement that applies to you and UCOP's implementing procedures (below).

UCOP procedures

The objective of alternate work schedules is to allow employees flexibility in scheduling their work hours based on departmental approval subject to the following terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Departmental discretion to determine if staffing coverage is adequate and sufficient to meet the operational requirements and business necessities of the department.
  • Nonexempt employees: an established workweek of forty (40) hours — totaling no more than five (5) days in the established workweek — shall be observed.
  • No alternate work schedule shall be approved requiring more than forty (40) hours of actual work in a workweek.
  • Computation of Vacation/Overtime/Sick Leave shall be the same for an employee working an alternate work schedule as for those working a standard workweek schedule.
  • Alternative work schedules may be evaluated over a three (3) month trial period.
  • The department may, at its discretion, implement, continue, discontinue or modify alternate work schedules as required to support the needs of the department. UCOP Human Resources Procedures 31 – Hours of Work Page 4 of 48. At its discretion, the department has the right to return an employee to a standard workweek schedule.

Employee/Supervisor Responsibilities

  • The employee may submit a written request to his or her supervisor/manager for review. If approved, the employee will be so notified in writing by the same.
  • The employee plans and organizes his or her time to meet the needs of his or her job requirements.
  • The supervisor/manager ensures that alternate work schedules are administered consistently in a fair and equitable manner and that alternate work schedules conform to University policy and regulatory guideline.
  • The supervisor/manager also ensures that appropriate staffing is always available to meet the operational needs of the department.