Time and attendance reporting

Time and attendance is reported in the Time Reporting System. Time is reported on a biweekly cycle for non-exempt (hourly) employees and rehired retirees, and on a monthly cycle for exempt employees. Deadlines are available below. Additional information is available at the TRS website.

Electronic Time Reporting System (TRS)

Vacation leave

Vacation leave may not be used before it is accrued, the exception is during curtailment closure in accordance with Personnel Policies for Staff Members Absence from Work policy (pdf).

Manager self-service is available for supervisors. The supervisor can monitor when employees' balances are low and when the maximum vacation accrual is approaching or reached. If a Department Head makes an exception to allow the employee to accrue vacation beyond the maximum accrual, the Department Head must sign the exception form which is submitted to BRC Payroll. 

There is a grace period under Personnel Policies for Staff Members Absence from Work policy (pdf) during which the employee can use the overage. Vacation continues to accrue during this period, but balances should be managed to comply with policy.