A payroll separation form (xlsx) is available to assist HR business partners with the separation process.

Local HR initiates all terminations. Once the termination is approved in the employee's profile, the BRC Payroll Team will:

UCnet, Human Resources’ online employee self-service site, includes information for the separating employee including a Termination of Employment Benefits Checklist (pdf). When termination is processed via payroll, this triggers communication to WageWorks, the provider of COBRA information to the separated employee (see letter for separating employee).

Final paychecks

Final checks are processed by UCPath based on the pay cycle. Separation checks for represented employees follow the terms of the bargaining agreement.

  • For involuntary terminations without notice, final payment via paper check or direct deposit must be given to the employee at the time of discharge.  Local HR makes arrangements with the BRC to assure the check is ready at the desired time.
  • For voluntary terminations, the final check is deposited directly into the employee’s bank account if the employee normally receives pay via direct deposit, or a paper check is mailed to the employee's home address.

Inter-campus transfer separations

For inter-campus transfers out of UCOP, the UCPath Center completes the UFIN301A and UFIN301B forms and submits the completed forms directly to the receiving campus:

  • Local HR enters the transaction to terminate the employee appointment at UCOP.
  • The BRC processes the final timesheet for the separating employee.
  • UCPath Center reconciles vacation and sick leave balances. All other balances are reported in the UFIN form and submitted to the receiving campus coordinator.

NOTE: If the inter-campus transfer is processed without a break in service, vacation is NOT paid out when an employee transfers locations. Benefits for all intercampus employees continue for an additional month, provided that the correct separation code is used.