Exceptions reporting

The BRC Payroll Team provides department payroll contacts with exception reports as applicable so that appropriate action can be taken. (See payroll and personnel actions).

Examples of the reports that may be sent to departments include:

  • Expiring funds and/or appointments ending  (PPP6201)
  • Leave Accrual Exceptions (PPP3907)
  • Employees Approaching Leave Accrual & Service Award Threshold (PRS6211)
  • Employees Leave Accrual Code Changes (Monitoring Changes) (PRS6231)
  • List of Employees with Expired Visa (PRS745)
  • Employee with Visa/Work Permit Expiring Within Next 4 Months (PRS6203)
  • Citizenship Status Renewal (PPP5831)
  • Employees Approaching 1000 Hours Toward Career Eligibility (PPP1393)
  • Employees with 1000 Hours – Eligible for Career Status (PPP1392)