Payroll & personnel actions

The BRC Payroll Team:

  • Ensures requests for Payroll and Personnel Actions contain all necessary information and approvals and comply with policy. 
  • Processes properly approved and authorized Payroll and Personnel Actions in a timely manner.
    • Entry of requisite data in EDB
    • Interface with Local HR and UCOP benefits office as required after processing the action for their follow-through actions

The department must contact the BRC Payroll Team when an employee starts a leave of absence and when the employee returns to work.  A release statement is required for medical leaves.

Action Form Documentation Required in Addition to Completed Form 
Agreement payment Payroll Action Form (xlsx)
  • Copy of signed agreement
  • Approval to post & fill, if appropriate
Appointment renewal Payroll Action Form (xlsx)
  • Post to fill approval for extension
  • For new assignments, copy of job description and offer letter
Auto allowance Payroll Action Form (xlsx)
  • Regental approval
Casual appointment to Career Payroll Action Form (xlsx)
  • Post to fill approval
  • Local HR approval if salary is over mid-range
ERIT Employee Reduction in time Program

ERIT Worksheet (pdf)

ERIT Contract (pdf)

  • Copy of signed agreement
Funding change Funding Change Worksheet (pdf)
  • Departmental or UCOP Budget Office approval
  • Principal Investigator approval for changes to/from extramural funds
Leave code change Payroll Action Form (xlsx)
  • Departmental approval
Leave of Absence Leave of Absence Notice (doc)
  • Backup documentation
Leave of Absence extension Leave of Absence Notice (doc)
  • Backup documentation
Out of Class income Payroll Action Form (xlsx)
  • Local HR approval
  • Union approval
Reclassification Payroll Action Form (xlsx)
  • EVP Business Operations approval
  • Local HR approval if increase is over 15%
  • HR-Comp classified job description
Relocation allowance Payroll Action Form (xlsx)
  • Copy of offer letter stating terms of agreement for relocation expenses
  • Original receipts for expenses
Relocation and/or moving expenses (taxable) Payroll Action Form (xlsx)
  • Departmental or Regental approval (see applicable policies for required level of approval)
  • Supporting documentation as required by the situation
Service anniversary pin and gift Service credit worksheet (xlsx)
  • Departmental approval
Stipend Payroll Action Form (xlsx)
  • Department Head approval if under 1 year and less than 10% of appointment rate
  • Local HR approval if outside the above parameters