New hire process

Department procedures

The Human Resources (HR) department sends the new hire employee all of the relevant forms which need to be completed and processed in the personnel system by HR prior to the appointment with the BRC Payroll Team.

The department must also forward details of the hire to the BRC Payroll Team such as the employee formal name, AD Logon information, and the names of the timesheet approver and the back-up approver.

New hire interview

After receiving the requisite documents and forms from the Local HR Office or department personnel manager, the BRC conducts an interview providing the following services to the new employee:

Special instructions for the hiring of employees at remote locations into departments supported by BRC Payroll

At or near a location with other UC employees

A personnel officer within the department can assist in completing the I-9 and Oath or, if there is no personnel contact, any other University employee at the location or a nearby one can assist. The completed I-9 form should be faxed to 510-287-3840 or emailed to the appropriate payroll analyst via secure email. Originals should then be mailed to:

Originals should then be mailed to:

BRC Payroll
1111 Franklin, 9th Floor
Oakland, CA 94607

UC Trust certification is only available through the BRC Payroll Team and cannot be completed at remote locations; however, locations can confirm the log on certification and work with the BRC to complete the process.

At a remote location where the new hire will be the sole employee

BRC Payroll provides instructions and forms to be used in the unusual situation in which an employee works alone at a location remote from any University facilities.

UCDC employees - District of Columbia nonresident

If you are not a resident of DC you must file a Form D-4A with your employer to establish that you are not subject to DC income tax withholding. The HR center will contact the employee and provide them the out of state tax forms.

You qualify as a nonresident if:

• Your permanent residence is outside DC during all of the tax year and you do not reside in DC for 183 days or more in the tax year.
• You are a service member’s spouse.

Employees who are residents of DC should file a Form D-4, Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate.