What to do when an injury occurs: Supervisors

Emergency (serious situation): CALL 911
  1. Call the ambulance if necessary.
  2. Call as soon as possible to report all serious injuries: 1-877-682-7778
  3. Remove the equipment from service (if applicable).
  4. Tag the equipment for identification (if applicable).
  5. Call Larry Wong at 510-987-9772 for inspection.
  6. For additional assistance, contact Accommodation and Leave Services.
Non-Emergency: Upon knowledge of injury there are three (3) immediate actions a supervisor must take.

Step 1: Arrange medical care for the injured employee:

Ask the employee if they have a signed pre-designated physician form on file. If so, refer the employee to their designated physician. Verify that the form is in the employee's personnel file with Accommodation and Leave Services. If not, refer the employee to the UCOP designated occupational health facilities listed below.

    Occupational Health Facilities For UCOP Employees:

    384 Embarcadero West
    Oakland, CA 94607

    KAISER On-The-Job
    Oakland Medical Center
    3701 Broadway, 5th floor
    Oakland, CA 94611

    2222 Bancroft Way
    Berkeley, CA 94720
    (510) 642-6891

    Step 2: Call to report an incident. Complete the Supervisor Incident Report (SIR) and/or Employee Incident Report (EIR) forms, and fax them to Accommodation and Leave Services at (510) 587-6075.

    Step 3: To report a Worker's Compensation claim, call 1-877-682-7778

    If the employee loses time from work, there are an additional three (3) actions.

      Step 4: Immediately contact Accommodation and Leave Services for Family Medical Leave Act procedures and eligibility criteria.

      Step 5: Provide Return to Work/Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

      • Make every effort to reduce lost workdays by providing medically appropriate modified work during the transitional stages of your employee’s medical recovery.
      • The day your employee returns to work, call Sedgwick CMS (510) 302-3180 to prevent overpayment of disability benefits.

      Step 6: By taking the above actions, supervisor will:

      • Minimize the severity of the employee’s injury.
      • Prevent future injuries by maintaining a safe work environment.
      • Avoid legal fines and penalties being assessed against their departments.
      • Assure rapid provision of compensation benefits where due.
      • Minimize financial loss to the employee, the department, and the University as a whole.