Accommodation and Leave Services provides support to employees with occupational and non-occupational health issues and comprehensive consultation to supervisors and department managers.

Working closely with internal and external partners, our services are designed to provide counseling and support to employees with disability issues, facilitate communication, minimize work disruption, and protect the health and productivity of our workforce.

Accommodation and Leave Services also coordinates the Workers' Compensation program and provides advice regarding facilitation of the interactive process and reasonable accommodation.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Comp is a no-fault, employer-paid insurance system designed to assure that employees who sustain work-related injury or illness receive complete medical attention for the injury or illness, and a degree of financial and other support in returning to gainful work.

Family Medical Leave (FML)

Provides general information on FML, guidelines for administering FML and pregnancy disability leave requests, and required notifications and certifications.

Reasonable Accommodation

If an employee has prolonged or permanent disabilities that impair his/her ability to perform his/her job, an effort must be made to provide accommodation to enable the employee to work in a modified capacity or change to a more suitable position.

Disability benefits while on leaves of absence

Short-term disability and other benefits are available to eligible employees as partial wage replacement during a disability period.

Returning to work

Whether an employee has been ill or injured on or off the job, the process of returning the employee to work may require review of applicable policies and statutory guidelines.