Performance management is a process that drives employee behavior to align with the organization’s goals and objectives. It involves five (5) elements for any supervisor: 

  • Planning work and setting expectations
  • Continually monitoring performance to ensure employees are on track
  • Developing capacity to perform
  • Periodically rating performance
  • Rewarding good performance
The purpose of this overview is to provide supervisors with an outline of the steps and requirements for dealing with performance that is not meeting expectations and to take corrective action.  It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide.  Supervisors are to consult with Employee and Labor Relations if they have questions about managing poor performance or before taking any corrective action. If you are unsure of what to do, or just want to get some assistance to develop a plan of action; call, email or schedule a meeting with your Employee & Labor Relations representative to discuss your employee’s performance or conduct issue.

The goal of performance management and corrective action is to correct conduct and/or work performance that is not meeting standards, provide an opportunity to improve, and to establish and reinforce expectations for employee behavior and/or work performance standards so the employee can fully contribute to the University’s mission and goals.  Giving performance feedback may not be easy and may be uncomfortable at times, but is a key component to the success of the employee and the University.

For the purposes of this overview UCOP employees are employed in one of three personnel programs, these are:
  • Union Represented (Represented)
  • Professional and Support Staff (PSS)
  • Managers and Senior Professionals (MSP)

Each of these employee groups are covered by specific policies or labor agreements that establish the standards for performance management, corrective action and termination or dismissal. Therefore, it is important to review the applicable policy or labor agreement if an employee’s conduct or performance is not satisfactory.


Steps that should be used throughout the performance management process.

Corrective action

Outline of corrective actions for unsatisfactory conduct or performance.

Performance management

Definition of performance management.