On-Boarding FAQs

Q: What is the On-Boarding Process?

A: The On-Boarding process encompasses all of the steps needed to successfully complete the new hire set-up process. It includes the identification and configuration of space needs, completion of the background check/new hire paperwork, set up of the computer/phones, payroll and badge processing. 

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Q: Once the final candidate has been identified, how long does the On-Boarding Process take?

A: That depends. The completion of the background and creation of the offer letter/welcome email typically take between 1- 2 weeks. The actual configuration of the space, computer, network and phone are typically completed within 1-3 business days prior to the new hire's start date, depending upon the date the requests were made. The payroll and badge appointments are completed on the new hires' first day. 

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Q: As the Hiring Department, how and when do we know the On-Boarding process has begun? 

A: The process has begun once the Hiring Department's position has been approved, and the position information is inputted into SharePoint. Building Services will contact the Hiring Manager. Human Resources will send an email to the Hiring Manager containing the Department On-Boarding Checklist and a link to the SharePoint tracking tool. 

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Q: What is the On-Boarding Needs Form?

A: It is a form sent by Human Resources to be completed by the Hiring Department once a background check has been initiated. It provides Human Resources with the needed information to complete the On-Boarding requests for the new hire. 

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Q: What is the Hiring Department On-Boarding Checklist?

A: The Hiring Department On-Boarding Checklist provides the Department with the expected events and timelines associated with the On-Boarding process. It informs the Department of all the steps involved in the process and who is involved. It consists of your Human Resources contact information, the position/new hire information, the On-Boarding steps by provider, deadline and task, and a summary of the Hiring Manager's responsibilities during the On-Boarding process. 

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Q: What does the Hiring Department do as part of the On-Boarding Process?

A: The Hiring Department determines the space needs, provides Human Resources with the Finalist(s) information for the Background Check, completes the On-Boarding Needs Form, negotiates the Verbal Offer and Start Date, and provides their Human Resources representative with the details for the Offer Letter. 

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Q: What does Human Resources do as part of the On-Boarding Process?

A: Human Resources informs Building Services of the hiring need, creates and sends the Offer Letter/Welcome Email to the candidate, submits the On-Boarding needs through the IT Service Hub, and sets up the Payroll and Badge appointments. On the new hire's first day, Human Resources escorts the new hire to their Payroll and Badge appointments and then to the department. 

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Q: Who are the Service Providers and what do they do as part of the On-Boarding Process?

A: There are five service providers involved in the On-Boarding process:

  • BASC-Building Services is responsible for identifying and configuring space.
  • ITS Computers generates the Network ID and provides/configures the computer with network drives and printers.
  • ITS Phones provides/configures the phone with phone number, voicemail set up/password and display name.
  • BASC-Work Management Center processes the new hire's badge request.
  • Payroll completes the new hire paperwork and sends Time Reporting and Personal Data Confirmation (iDoc) to the new hire.
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Q: What is the SharePoint Tool?

A: A SharePoint tool has been developed providing the key stakeholders (Hiring Department, Human Resources and Service Providers) with the ability to track the progression of a new hire's On-Boarding process. 

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Q: Who do I contact for On-Boarding information, questions or problems?

A: Please contact your Human Resources Assistant.

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