Mark Biedlingmaier

GFI Fellow - Class of 2018

Undergraduate student, geography/environmental studies


Mark is working closely with the jane b semel Community Garden, a living, thriving space for the growing of healthy fruits, vegetables, and human spirits. In partnership with the Healthy Campus Initiative, the initiation of this garden is intended to promote community building and address food insecurity on campus. It also serves as an on-campus space for the UCLA community to grow healthy food in order to foster education through ecologically sound gardening practices. In addition, produce can be donated to needs-based food providers on campus such as the CPO Food Closet and Cafe 580, who can then distribute them to food insecure students. Therefore, this space will serve as an important component and influential symbol within the food justice and food security movement at UCLA, initiated by the Global Food Initiative and the EatWell pod of the Healthy Campus Initiative.

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