Work Groups

Core Team

The core team will plan, coordinate, direct, and implement FOW activities including leadership recommendation and overall approach.

Members: Thera Kalmijn (Lead), Heather Baptista, Shirley Bittlingmeier, Deanna Geddie, Steve Murray, Nancy Pluzdrak, Michelle Simms, Calvin Turner, and Merideth Wakeman

Culture and Connectivity

Foster a workplace environment that enhances the employees’ experiences based on the organizational need and where employees feel respected, appreciated, and valued.

Members: Merideth Wakeman (Lead), Ruchi Aggarwal (APISA), Heather Baptista, Kimberly Boral, Carol Lake (OPSA), Julienne Marie Palbusa (NAIPISA), Phil Pena (PACSW), Nancy Pluzdrak, and Belinda Vea (LaSA)

HR Guidelines and Practices

Ensure HR policies/practices align with and support the FOW program (compensation, eligibility for remote/hybrid, telecommuting guidelines, ergo, workforce management).

Members: Nancy Pluzdrak (Lead), Juveria Aleem, Karen Arnold, Shannon Brooks, Jackie D’Orio, Brett Henrikson, JJ Lermas, Brad Niess, Felicia Poe, Annie Prozan, and Neil Ramos

Space Planning and Technology

Ensure workplace meets needs of FOW program design (stacking plan/space assignments, furniture, space recharge model, parking, on-site standard equipment, hoteling software and support); identify and address unique technology needs and support.

Members: Steve Murray / Shirley Bittlingmeier (Leads), Paul Anderson, Ruby Antonio, Shannon Brooks, Darryl Brown, Mimi Chin, Andrea Everett, Erik Freitag, Deanna Geddie, Barbara Heilmann, Randy Kemish, Jihee Lee, Matt Linzer, Loreaner Lopez, Brad Niess, Marc Rios, Debbie Santiago, Mark Schneider, Gale Sheean-Remotto, Pikka Sodhi, Tera Urias, and Jason Williams

Project Management

Member: Deanna Geddie, Strategic Program Management Office