Prioritize what needs transcripts and captions

Providing transcripts and/or captions may be time-consuming and poses costs. Your first step is to be judicious about what you post. Consider whether the multimedia project serves your department's mission and is of high enough quality to be worth the effort and cost.

In addition, the prospect of captioning can overwhelm anyone with a large media repository. You will need to prioritize.

Considerations for prioritization:

  1. Focus on transcribing and captioning new media projects and, for the time, being don't worry about retroactive captioning.
  2. Review your posted media and take down any that is of low quality or no longer useful.
  3. For new media projects (and ultimately for existing postings) prioritize:
    • Informational media available to and intended for the general public
    • Media used in recurring student courses
    • Media posted for employees that is related to job duties, policy, or conducting University business
    • Media intended for systemwide or campuswide audiences
  4. Recognize situations when transcripts or captions may not be necessary:
    • Media used for one-time courses in which no students need accommodation
    • Media used for internal audiences that require no accommodation
    • Videos of large, live events, such as commencement ceremonies