Decide whether to transcribe or caption

Some situations require only transcripts. Others require captions. Note that to make captions you must first have a transcript.

  1. Provide transcripts for audio-only recordings.
    • The text transcript must be posted along with the audio recording for hearing impaired individuals. (Posting a transcript also ensures your website is keyword searchable and will be indexed by search engines, which improves functionality for all.)
  2. Provide captions for video.
    Captioned video
    • ensures that deaf or hearing impaired individuals can use the video,
    • supports different learning styles, especially for people who prefer to read instead of listen, and
    • is useful when it's not possible or convenient to play the sound.

    There are two types of captions:

    • Closed captions: This is the technique to use because the viewer can turn off the captioning.
    • Open captions: Captions appear without the option to remove them.