The technical challenges that Web developers encounter when creating accessible Web sites are numerous and change constantly as technologies evolve. Many resources are available, though, through which Web developers may learn more about, and engage in discussion about, the particular challenges they may be encountering.

  • Discussion Forums: WebAIM offers several online discussion forums, which are a good avenue for getting more information about how to approach technical challenges.


JavaScript support in screen readers is incomplete, rendering many applications unusable. Dynamic data and interface changes are not registered by screen readers.

AJAX and screenreaders: examples and challenges Link

Flash Link

Flash can increase accessibility through scalability, presentation of audio content, and keyboard accessibility, but developers must avoid accessibility issues.

Maps Link

Maps should be made useful for visually impaired people by separating the text-based map data from the visual design.

Post accessibility issues and questions about the Google Maps API Link | Google accessibility feedback forum Link

Create accessible PDFs

Structure Word documents to convert to accessible PDFs