Make sure people can use the keyboard to select form choices

The Challenge
Drop-down lists, multi-select boxes, and other constructs designed to allow users to select from a list of choices may not be accessible. If the menu relies solely on mouse interaction, it can launch an unintended choice when keyboard users try to navigate options with the arrow keys.


  • Separate the list of choices from the action of selecting. For example, use an HTML drop-down list in a form with a button labeled "Go" or "Submit." This should be combined with a keyboard action so that pressing Enter will launch the selected item in the drop-down menu.
  • Because "Go" and "Submit" are the most familiar terms used with the button to submit form data, one of these labels should be used in forms. (Users with disabilities may search for these terms if a form is long and complex.) However, "Go" and "Submit" may not be the best wording in some circumstances, such as a blog form, where "Save" and "Publish" buttons may be more suitable.