Voluntary product accessibility template (VPAT)

In general, UC recommends adherence to the WCAG 2.0 standards for web-based products/services and Section 508 for other electronic products. The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or the VPAT 2.2 (doc), is a form produced by the Information Technology Industry Council to help buyers assess a product’s compliance with federal Section 508 accessibility standards. When purchasing non web-based products specifically mentioned in Section 508, UC buyers may wish to require vendors to complete and submit the applicable sections of the VPAT or include in the RFP the relevant questions from the VPAT. More information is provided in the Guidelines for Addressing Electronic Accessibility in the Procurement Process.

In cases where a VPAT will be used, sample text is available to include in the RFP to require vendors to complete the VPAT in order to facilitate consideration of accessibility in the RFP evaluation process. Buyers should adapt the text for their particular needs.

For more information about including the VPAT in RFPs, contact Director Thomas Trappler in Procurement at UCOP.