EAC charter 2016

June 1, 2016

Objectives and Goals

As outlined in the University of California Information Technology Accessibility Policy (IMT-1300), the University of California is committed to supporting an information technology (IT) environment that is accessible to all, and in particular to individuals with disabilities. The ITLC Electronic Accessibility Committee facilitates systemwide coordination of and communication about IT accessibility related issues. It identifies and leads systemwide initiatives or projects that support and align UC locations’ implementation of the UC IT Accessibility Policy and that help the University meet its obligations to provide an accessible electronic environment.

The Electronic Accessibility Committee is composed of one or two representatives from each UC location, as identified by the location’s ITLC member. At least one of the representatives should play a significant role in the support of their location’s IT Accessibility Program as described in the IT Accessibility Policy and/or have strong connections to the IT function.

Primary and secondary ITLC liaisons are assigned to facilitate the efforts of the committee and interactions with the ITLC and other parts of the UC community. The liaisons work with the committee to nominate a chair for consideration by the ITLC Executive Committee, which will confirm the appointment. The chair’s terms commences July 1.

Information Repository

Information about the committee, including the charter and membership, is maintained on a systemwide website: http://www.ucop.edu/electronic-accessibility/initiative/index.html. The website content is reviewed and updated by EAC members on a bimonthly basis; the site itself is maintained by Information Technology Services at UCOP.


The EAC maintains a listserv for members only, eac-l@ucop.edu, and another broader listserv open to anyone at UC interested in IT accessibility issues, accessible-l@ucop.edu. The listservs are maintained by Information Technology Services at UCOP.

The EAC chair prepares periodic written progress reports to the IT Leadership Council. The reports are published on the EAC website to allow broader community input and awareness.