Block Funding FAQ

1. How are the awards determined?
  • The UC Online campus liaisons will prioritize your campuses’ funding requests for UC Online. UC Online reviews the prioritized list from all campuses and makes decisions based on available funds and potential impact of the project on UC students, faculty and staff.
2. What can I do to increase the likelihood of my funding request being funded?
  • First, please provide complete, concise, descriptive information. 
  • Second, consider a cross-campus collaborations for a project, and/or providing information on how your project will impact UC. 
  • Finally, consult with your UC Online campus liaisons for input and support.
3. Is a course release/course buy-out/summer ninth allowed in the budget?
  • Yes, one course release, course buy-out or summer ninth is allowed. It is important to have department buy-in on the funding request.
4. Does UC Online fund multi-year projects? If so, what’s the best way to submit an application?
  • UC Online recommends submitting a multi-year project with clear deliverables for each year of the project, and an overall budget.
5. For a course funding request, does the applicant need to be a voting member of the Academic Senate?
  • Yes, because the courses need to be approved by the Academic Senate. Only voting members of the Academic Senate can do so. Unit 18 lecturers can submit a proposal as a Co-PI. 
6. How quickly will the award funds be available for use?
  • Award notifications will be sent in March 2024. Funds will be transferred to the campus in April 2024, and available for distribution by the campus in May 2024.
7. When applying for funds for an online course, is it necessary to provide syllabus or course outline?
  • It’s not necessary, but is recommended, at least in a draft from. If the course is funded, UC Online will request for a finalized syllabus at a later time.
8. Who will I hear from regarding the approval status of my proposal – my campus or UCOP?
  •  Award notifications will be sent out by UC Online
9. Who should I contact if I want to inquire about the status of my proposal – my campus or UCOP?

UC Online Funding Request

UC Online is providing funding for four award types. For 2023-24, $2M is available.

Campus Liaisons

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