In 2023-2024, UC Online will provide approximately $2M in project funding in four categories for online projects with a focus on digital inclusion. The four categories are: 1) courses; 2) professional development; 3) research; and 4) infrastructure. Based on project plans submitted from campuses, award amounts will vary.


In alignment with the UC system, campus funding requests will be selected based on alignment with UC Online goals, including projects that:

  • enhance student and faculty teaching and learning experiences and outcomes
  • advance the use of digital technology
  • promote digital inclusion
  • help close equity gaps

NOTE: UC Online will provide additional funds for CCES operations and change orders, as well as for cross-campus instructional funding/enrollment support. Check with your UC Online Campus Liaisons for more information. The funding categories are described below.


Funding is available for the development and enhancement of fully online courses, course sequences, minors or programs that are developed, offered and open to students across campuses through the cross-campus enrollment system (CCES). The approved course must be open to cross-campus enrollment (five times in five years, excluding summer offerings). Courses should emphasize elements of digital inclusion, and be designed to enrich and enhance student opportunities to learn and succeed.

Tools and Applications. Requests for a specific tool to support instruction will also be considered for funding, but only in conjunction with a course funding request.

UC Irvine Course Requests: A course agreement will need to be signed on your campus for funds to be transferred to your department. Please reach out to your UC Online Campus Liaisons if you would like to review the agreement prior to submitting your request.

Recommended Award: A maximum of $45K/course.


Funding is available for systemwide professional development (online and in-person) that supports online teaching and learning, and digital inclusion efforts. Possible projects include: professional development for faculty in online teaching to ensure student success, and the like. Priority will be given to online professional development that is open to faculty, staff and graduate students/TAs across the system, and involves three or more campuses.


Funding is available for systemwide research projects that focus on online course efficacy, analysis of existing data on online courses, closing equity/performance gaps in online courses, and any new research that focuses on issues related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEI & A). 


Tech Integrations. Complete technology integrations (using IMS Global interoperability standards) to connect learning platforms and tools designed to function as a whole, to produce a coherent learning environment that aggregates learning data and provides students an enriched learning experience.

Infrastructure and Equipment. One time/startup cost of hardware associated with the storage of digital assets used in online courses (such as servers or cloud-based storage solutions – not to exceed $10,000); licenses for software associated with creating and developing online courses and digital course assets (such as Captivate, Camtasia, Adobe Photoshop, and the like) as a campus-wide project.


The UC Online Leadership team requires you to share your findings or results at the conclusion of the project. Additionally, you must complete the expense tab on the approved budget at the conclusion of the project.


If you are interested in submitting a funding request, please contact your UC Online Campus Liaisons.


Friday, January 12, 2024, 5:00 pm


  1. Friday, 1/12/24: funding request submission deadline.
  2. Friday, 1/19/24: UC Online provides a list of submitted requests to campus liaisons.
  3. Friday, 1/19/2024 – Friday, 2/9/2024: campuses prioritize funding requests (high, medium, low).
  4. Monday, 2/12/2024: campuses submit a finalized list of funding priorities to UC Online.
  5. Friday, 3/1/2024: UC Online makes decisions regarding campus funding requests.
  6. March 2024: UC Online begins award notification communications (fund, hold and decline to fund).

Requests outside these windows will be considered based on funding availability. If you have identified a project with a budget greater than $200K, we encourage you to submit a follow-on request by emailing UC Online.

Campus Liaisons

UC Online Campus Liaisons