Capital programs institute logoThe Capital Programs Institute (aka CPI or the Collaborative) is the UCOP program for design, construction and project management training. Under the coordination of Design and Construction, the program provides training for the capital programs staff on all University of California campuses and laboratories. The program is a collaborative effort, drawing on the expertise and years of experience among specialists to provide dynamic sessions covering:

  • Current policy, process, and contract requirements
  • New delivery methods and associated contract documents
  • Trends and changes in industry practices
  • Innovations in methods and systems
  • Business orientation in the UC context for new project managers (“project management boot camp”)
  • Active discussion and idea exchanges to pollinate sister campuses with consideration of best practices and lessons learned

The collaborative’s primary audience is campus capital project managers, engineers and contract administrators. However, university staff whose work entails coordination with these project staff would also benefit (e.g., capital planners, physical & environmental planners, facility managers, EH&S inspectors, fire marshals).

Past events

Construction v. Maintenance

July 2, 2020

UC Legal and UC Procurement examine the subtle but critical distinctions between Construction and Maintenance.

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2020 Embodied Carbon – Free Webinar PDF

March 31, 2020 WEBINAR

This insightful webinar was presented in association with members of the Carbon Leadership Forum and Siegel and Strain Architects and covers Embodied vs. operational carbon; New construction vs. renovations and the impact on carbon; Life Cycle Assessment vs. Life Cycle Costs; Time value of carbon and aligning reduction strategies with UC climate goals.

Presentation Materials | UCOP YouTube video of Presentation Link

2019 Buy Clean California and Balcony Bill – Free Webinar

December 9, 2019 WEBINAR

This webinar covers new statutory requirements for campus’ the passage of both the Buy California Clean Act and The Balcony Bill. Download this helpful hand out and learn more about how new legislation impacts campus programs, and next steps. Inquire about AIA CES credit.

Presentation Materials

2019 CPI - California Access Compliance Workshop Accessibility Training

MAY 22, 2019 - RIVERSIDE | June 12, 2019 – OAKLAND

Training will be provided by the California Division of State Architect, Sue Moe and UCOP, Josephine Ortega on access regulations in the California Building Code, UCOP Facilities Manual and Campus request on Special Topics to address laboratories, electrical vehicle charging stations, lactation facilities, gender inclusive restrooms, baby diaper changing stations, self-evaluation and transition plans. The course will satisfy California State licensure requirements and provide 5.0 hours of HSW continuing education units for your AIA membership.

2019 CPI – CA Access Compliance Powerpoint.pdf PDF

Automatic Fire Extinguishing Certification – Free Webinar

March 7 & 14, 2019, Broadcasted from UCOP

Fire Sprinklers on UC Campuses: What you need to know! New Fire Sprinklers Regulations! – from the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) Free one day webinar offered twice. Are you confused by latest UCOP Fire Sprinkler Memo issued December 20th 2018? Want more information? CPI is here to offer assistance. Fire Sprinklers on the UC Campus: Here’s what you need to know! What this means for UC staff: • How does OSFM Bulletin 17-002 New Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems Certification issued May 25, 2017 apply to UC staff? What this means for UC construction contracting: • How does OSFM certification impact bidding? And specifications documents? • What type of projects require OSFM certification? • Who verifies OSFM certifications?

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UC CPI & Office of the State Fire Marshal - Statutes and Regulations 2019 - Day 2

JANUARY 14-15, 2019 – OAKLAND & FEBRUARY 11-12, 2019 – UC IRVINE

University of California Council of Campus Fire Marshals (CCFM) and the Capital Programs Institute (CPI) partnered with CAL FIRE Office of the State Fire Marshal to host a two-day workshop training. This State Fire Training (SFT) Fire Service Training and Education Program (FSTEP) course is required for the Plan Examiner certification checklist. This was an intermediate level course. Topics included: • Laws and regulations that effect fire and life safety enforcement in California • State statutory requirements and the authority of local departments review of Health and Safety Codes that relate to inspection responsibilities continuing need for awareness of state fire safety laws and regulations in local fire jurisdictions

OSFM - Regulations

CALGreen/LEEDv4 Workshop 2018

September 24, 2018 - UC Irvine | November 19, 2018 - UCSF

The UC/CSU/Utility Energy Efficiency Partnership offered a free, full-day workshop on what is new in CALGreen/LEED v4. The presentation was given at UCI and UCSF and was open to staff and faculty from UC and CSU Campuses. Attendees learned how the code development process impacts the way we implement energy efficiency and sustainability goals in green buildings. Presenters discussed what is new in CALGreen and LEED v4 by reviewing case studies, reviewing code and guideline language, and open question and answer opportunities. Speakers included Kyle Pickett from Urban Fabrick and Emilie Hagen from Atelier Ten, with additional speakers from UCOP’s Design and Construction Services and Sustainability teams.

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Central Plant Strategies Workshop

June 12, 2018 | UC San Diego

Attend the UC Central Plant Workshop to gain new insight, discuss strategies, network with colleagues, identify new resources, and to help frame your campus central plant challenge. Come debate the benefits and challenges of biogas, electrification, cogeneration, flux capacitors, and more. Come hear from each campus, learn of UC energy procurement strategies, discuss the climate action plan, and share your thoughts. Come, be informed, and to inform others.

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Offsite Modular Building Systems Construction Link

MARCH 28, 2018 - OAKLAND | APRIL 4, 2018 - UC San Diego

Full-scale modular construction has proven time and again to reduce schedules, waste, and final costs. Attend our one day CPI event where you will hear from a variety of industry professionals about the benefits and solutions of what it takes to leverage an off-site construction strategy.

Safety Assessment Program Training Link


The California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) will be providing guidelines and procedures for making post-disaster building safety evaluations. The course will provide 6.0 hours of HSW continuing education units.

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