We provide guidance, support, policy, and contract guidance for systemwide and campus capital project design, capital programs, and design and construction staff.

Design and Construction Services provides guidance, support, and training to systemwide and campus capital programs and design and construction staff.  We support capital project design approvals, recommend design and construction policy to the Regents, represent University interests in building code development, and coordinate with governmental agencies. By advocating industry best practices, we provide campuses with innovative strategic options to deliver projects, manage costs, and mitigate project risk. We assist campuses in resolving construction disputes equitably and legally by offering advice and chairing the Construction Review Board. Construction Services Capital Program Institute leverages industry partnerships and UC professionals to educate over 1000 annual UC registrants on more than a dozen critical topics.

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Capital Programs Institute

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Please see our list of current programs - both scheduled and tentative. Visit our CPI webpage.

UC Facilities manual

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The UC Facilities Manual contains University of California policies, procedures, and guidelines for its facilities.