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Q: What is Connexxus?

A: Connexxus is a secure Web portal for booking university business travel. It links to booking options, agent contact information, and guidance for choosing the best option for your travel situation. By booking travel through Connexxus, UC-negotiated prices with airlines, hotels, and car rental companies are automatically applied.

Q: Are Connexxus rates better than those I can get from booking directly or shopping online?

A: Yes. Connexxus keeps travel costs contained by providing a wide range of booking options for airfare, hotel, and car rental at discounted rates.

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Q: Am I required to use Connexxus?

A: UCOP strongly encourages using Connexxus. The benefits of using it include:

  • Supporting UC in leveraging our collective travel to get the best possible value, services, and discounts
  • Helping travelers and administrative staff save time, cost, and gain efficiency

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Q: What if I see an access denied message when I try to log into Connexxus?

A: All employees who have been UC Trust certified currently are able to log into Connexxus through their existing Single Sign On. If you haven't been UC Trust certified, you will not be able to access the site. If you have been UC Trust certified and still get an access denied message, please contact us.

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Q: Can the preparer complete the traveler profile, or does the traveler have to do it?

A: The traveler must log in, designate a travel preparer, and check the Can Access checkbox. This allows the designated arranger to view and update profile info.

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Q: Is date of birth required?

A: It's required only if passport information is entered in the profile.

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Q: How often can I update the profile?

A: The traveler can update the profile anytime. Also, if the traveler designates a travel arranger and checks the Can Access checkbox, the designated arranger can view and update profile info.

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Q: If the designated travel arranger changes, how is the profile updated?

A: The traveler can update the profile, including designating a new travel arranger.

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Q: Can I book travel for a non-employee or visitor?

A: See Booking Travel for a Non-Employee Using Connexxus.

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Q: How are charges applied, and do travelers need a credit card?

A: Bookings made through BCD and UC Travel Center can be direct billed by following the pre-trip authorization process. Travel can also be charged to a Travel & Entertainment Card or a personal credit card.

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Q: Can non-business trips have a Connexxus discount?

A: Yes. Connexxus can be used for non-business trips charged to a personal credit card.

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Q: Can I still book travel over the phone with the travel agent?

A: Yes. You can call a BCD agent or a UC Travel Center agent. See details.

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Q: How are preparers notified of traveler self-bookings?

A: E-mail itineraries are sent to the traveler and designated travel arranger.

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Q: What if my name in Connexxus appears different from how my name appears on my I.D.?

A: You can edit your first name and middle initial, the last name is read-only. UCOP provides last names in a specific format to meet airline ticketing requirements (no hyphens, apostrophes, spaces, or non-alpha characters). If it is different, please contact us.

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Q: How do I make changes or cancellations?

A: See instructions for changing or canceling a Connexxus booking.

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Q: How do I know what the booking fee is for each option?

A: In Connexxus,on the left side bar, see the Partner Programs section and click on Agency. On the Agency page that opens, a Fee Schedule link is available for each Connexxus agency.

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Q: How do I view an itinerary?

A: See instructions for viewing a Connexxus itinerary.

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Q: If a conference has a special hotel rate, should I use Connexxus?

A: The hotel suggested by the conference organizer is usually an option, not a requirement. You can use Connexxus for the hotel booking and receive a Connexxus discount. However, if hotel arrangements are restricted to a pre-determined arrangement made by the conference organizer, do not use Connexxus.

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Q: If a traveler already is a Starwood member/ preferred guest, is the Connexxus discount applied or does the traveler need to enroll via Connexxus?

A: Enrollment for the Connexxus discount on Starwood needs to be set up referencing a specific SET number for UCOP. This generates a member number that, once entered in the Connexxus traveler profile, will ensure the Connexxus discount is applied.

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Q: Will Connexxus work on a Mac or browsers other than Internet Explorer?

A: Yes, it works on a Mac and with various browsers. However, only Internet Explorer is guaranteed.

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Q: Is there a time limit to completing a profile? I entered my profile information but it did not save.

A: You have a 30 minute timeframe to enter your profile information and click the Save button. If you timed out before saving, exit Connexxus, open a new browser session, log into Connexxus, and retry. Make sure you click the Save button within the 30 minute timeframe.

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Q: Is UC business travel insurance automatic for Connexxus bookings?

A: Connexxus travelers are automatically registered for travel accident insurance coverage and do not have to complete the insurance registration form. (Trips booked through Southwest’s SWABIZ does not apply)

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