Booking travel through the UC Travel Center (UCTC)

  1. Traveler obtains approval for trip following prescribed departmental or UCOP procedures.

  2. Traveler arranges for travel (airfare, hotel, rental car, etc.) using CONNEXXUS to book through one of the on-line travel options or through UCTC.  When the traveler does not use UCTC, the traveler should retain itineraries and receipts/evidence of purchase and payment for future submission under the Travel Reimbursement Process and the following steps do not apply.

  3. When the traveler/arranger uses UCTC to make travel arrangements, the traveler/arranger receives and reviews a preliminary travel itinerary.   

  4. If the itinerary is correct, the traveler/arranger submits to the BRC his or her travel itinerary, along with other required information, which includes: dates of travel, business purpose, the department code and FAU to be charged, department authorization.

  5. The travel request with authorization is sent to the BRC Travel and Entertainment Team e-mail box where it is picked up and reviewed by a BRC preparer.

  6. The BRC preparer reviews the submitted documentation to ensure compliance.  If information is missing, the BRC preparer contacts the traveler/arranger to obtain the required information.

  7. Once all required documentation has been received, the BRC preparer creates a PTA.  The PTA number  is e-mailed to a UCTC travel agent and to the traveler/arranger. 

  8. UCTC reviews the PTA and issues the e-ticket and e-mail confirmation to the traveler/arranger and BRC preparer.

  9. The BRC preparer receives a copy of the e-ticket and final itinerary and completes the ticketing process.

  10. The traveler retains copies of the e-ticket and travel itinerary for future submission under the Travel Reimbursement Process.