Custodial Request

BASC contracts with UC Berkley Custodial. They vacuum and mop floors, empty trash containers, clean windows, sanitize bathroom fixtures and carry out any other tasks related to cleaning the inside or the outside of the building. For any issues, requests should be submitted to iRequest. If you have trouble accessing iRequest please email us at

Requests are received by an incident being created on iRequest or emails to and dispatched to UCB Custodian Service to handle.

Custodial Services

Daily Activities: Empty all wastebaskets and place in dumpsters (keeping recycling, compost, and regular garbage requirements in mind); clean tables and desktops; vacuum all carpeted areas, spot clean carpet and upholstered furniture.

Weekly Activities: Dust/clean all low areas; spot clean fingerprints, whiteboards, and built-in shelving; and wet mop hard floor surfaces.

Weekly Walkthrough Inspection

Weekly walkthrough inspection by BASC personnel takes place once a week per floor on a rotating basis. However, if there are any concerns that need to be addressed prior to the walkthrough, submit an incident on iRequest or you can send an email to