Expectant and new mother parking support


In support of accessibility for expectant mothers and in cooperation with the President's Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (PACSW), reserved handicapped parking spaces in the Franklin building are available for female UCOP staff to park during pregnancy.


Expectant mothers who are currently parking in the UCOP-managed Franklin garage are qualified to apply for a courtesy "Expectant Mother Placard."  This placard is valid one year from the date of the application.  Note that all regular parking fees and rules apply.

How to Apply

  • Take the completed and signed application to Work Management Center on the 7th floor in the Franklin building.

Parking Privileges

Once you receive the Expectant Mother Placard, you may park in the handicapped space in the Franklin garage until the date printed on the placard.  The placard must be clearly displayed at all times while using the handicapped space.

Note: If you see a pattern of the handicapped spaces being filled and unavailable, please notify the Work Management Center as soon as possible and we will make other arrangements.

Parking Limitations

The placard is not valid outside of the UCOP-managed Franklin garage.  The placard should not be displayed if you park in any other UC facility, UCOP leased space, the Douglas public parking garage in the Franklin building or on city streets.