Capital Projects

Due to the size of the University of California and changing needs of staff and stakeholders, UCOP regularly manages several construction projects simultaneously.  In partnership with UCOP leadership, BASC plays an important role in these projects by scoping work, selecting vendors, meeting building standards, conducing financial planning and ensuring successful completion.

These projects are classified as either major projects with over $1MM in budget or minor projects budgeted at less than $1MM. Below is a brief overview of current construction projects at UCOP.

Major Capital Projects

  • 1111 Franklin Refresh and Modernization: Office improvements, including additional offices, updated support space, conference space and technology upgrades for the 22-year-old Franklin headquarters building.
  • Building Consolidation Technology (BCT) Project: Provide an integrated network, Wi-Fi, distributed antenna system, audio visual information systems and central room scheduling database services for the properties involved in the Oakland Office Consolidation projects.
  • 1115 11th Street, Sacramento UC Center Sacramento: Renovation of a three-floor building on a pedestrian mall immediately adjacent to the Capitol in Sacramento for the UC Sacramento Center, which provides teaching, lecture, collaboration and classroom space for student scholars and interns at the California Capitol.
  • Hertz Hall Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Renewal: Renewal of the 1070 era joint collaboration and teaching facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Minor Capital Projects

  • 1130 K Street Landlord Seismic Repair and TI Improvements: Seismic upgrade to 1130 K Street in Sacramento which houses the State Governmental Relations Group and temporarily houses UCCS.
  • 14350 Meridian Parkway Roofing Repair: Repair of single-ply roofing membrane and addition of vents to the entire Meridian Parkway building In Riverside.
  • 14350 Meridian Parkway Air Balancing: Final commissioning and air balancing of HVAC systems at the Meridian Parkway building to integrate original construction systems and three phases of subsequent tenant improvements.
  • 14350 Meridian Parkway LED Lighting Upgrade: Upgrade of all overhead lighting to modern, efficient LED fixtures to reduce energy use and improve color rendition and general office illumination.
  • Blake House Seismic Upgrade, Roofing and Waterproofing Project: Preparation of design documents for the 100-year-old Blake House in Kensington, California to improve seismic safety, fully waterproof the structure and replace the roof.
  • 1608 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington DC: Roofing replacement in pre-design.

Design and Construction Policies and Procedures

UCOP and BASC follow the systemwide construction contracting policies and procedures designed by the University of California to guide project construction that all construction contractors are required to follow.

Support for Capital Projects

For assistance with projects involving design, construction and capital management such as IT investments, building renovations, painting, construction, etc., please contact Jihee Lee, Facilities Project Manager, at (510) 587-6333 or