Guidelines for publicizing events and activities at UCOP

UCOP supports social interaction, networking and a strong employee community and provides multiple tools to help staff and staff groups organize and promote activities to their colleagues. OP also recognizes that community building must be balanced with the equally important goals of fairness, professionalism, respect and good resource management. The following guidelines regarding publicizing staff events and activities are based on, and seek to balance, these considerations:

  • Use of UCOP facilities: UCOP Human Resources procedure provides that all UCOP employees and organizations have equal access to resources for communicating with the community, for example, the use of bulletin boards for the posting of fliers and other material. It also states that, “no literature or materials may be affixed to walls, floors, ceilings, elevators, stairways, etc.” This policy applies to all employees and staff groups.
  • Principles of community: UCOP is home to a diverse workforce comprising many ethnic backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations and beliefs. OP embraces this diversity and strives to maintain an inclusive and respectful work environment. The content of any employee promotional materials should be mindful and respectful of this diversity.
  • Sustainability/resource management: As a public institution and a nationally recognized higher education leader in environmental sustainability, UC is committed to prudent resource management and upholding best practices in sustainability. Production of fliers and other printed material for display should not be excessive and should consume resources responsibly.

UCOP offers several resources to employees and staff organizations for communicating and promoting OP events and other activities that are of broad interest to the OP community:

  • Link, OP’s weekly online newsletter: Link is the primary vehicle for distributing non-breaking news to the OP community. Link is updated every Tuesday morning and disseminated via email to all UCOP employees. Individual emails to the entire UCOP community are generally reserved for emergencies such as power outages, changes in work hours, important messages from leadership that warrant special attention, and the like.
  • UCOP’s calendar of events: The online calendar is a resource for publicizing all OP events, including HR classes, affinity group meetings, brown bags, speakers and other events.
  • The Franklin lobby glass case and designated posting areas at the Kaiser and 20th St. buildings: These are the primary posting areas for UCOP-sponsored events and other announcements. Those interested in postings are responsible for producing their own materials, which should be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper.

To submit items for publication/posting in the above outlets, please contact

In addition to the above, UCOP staff and groups may also use the following to publicize events and initiatives:

  • Fliers: Fliers may be posted on bulletin boards in the kitchens in the Franklin building and on bulletin boards in the Kaiser and 20th St. buildings.
  • Brown bags, socials and other in-person events: In addition to using Link and other written communications, staff can also use brown bag meetings and other in-person forums to share information about their activities with UCOP colleagues.